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Amerie Thomas
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Amerie Thomas

Amerie Thomas Amerie Thomas Amerie Thomas Amerie Thomas
Amerie Thomas
Amerie Thomas Amerie Thomas Amerie Thomas
Amerie Thomas
Amerie Thomas
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Amerie Thomas
Meet Amerie Thomas from New York City by way of Montana. Hair as red as the fires of lust. A 36G bra filled with the goodness of nature's bounty.

"I get a lot of attention and I'm used to it," Amerie says. "I take a huge sense of pride in my breasts. They are gorgeous and they should be adored. I don't have to try too hard to draw attention to them. No matter what I wear these lovely pillows stand out." Gotta love a girl who respects and loves her big boobs!
Guys hit on Amerie a lot for obvious reasons.

"The funniest pick-up line a guy's said to me was also the creepiest. A guy asked me if I could help him find his car. Because after he saw me his mind went blank. I felt as if he was going to kidnap me and throw me in the back of a van and have his way with me."

Amerie's hobby is taking pictures of all the places she has been to. "Washington D.C. is by far my favorite place so far. There's so much history in one place."

"I was an early bloomer with 34B breasts at 12. Very awkward considering I lived in a small town and we were all family. The boys looked at me like a piece of meat. I was, and still am, the bustiest girl from my school. Most of my friends are still B-cups. I can honestly say my breasts are still growing. In the past year I have gone from a 36F to a 36G-cup."
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