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Shyla Shy

"A lot of guys like me to wrap my boobs around their cock while I'm giving them head. I do that, too," says Shyla Shy. "I like to do the rough part, like I'll hop on top of a guy and really ride him hard. Guys don't complain. They get to see my tits bouncing all over the place! I'll slap his face with my tits or even slap his cock with my tits. Guys like that. I like to have my ass smacked, but, not too hard."

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Shyla Shy is a swinger. Not that kind of swinging. A tits and ass swinger. Photos 18 and 19 are real swinging shots. Voluptuous took Shyla out to a nice, quiet outdoor place where she could do a bit of swinging and then all the rest of what we love. Poppin' those big jugs, spreading her pink pussy and butt cheeks. A break from some dude in the way of those heavenly sights. There's an interesting reaction when Shyla's photos and videos run. She gets more comments and mail when she's alone playing with her boobs and opening her pussy than when a guy is drilling into her. All that swinging and balancing got Shyla ready to rest a while on a convenient bench where she could take five and do some hole-some stretching and boobie play. The camera loves Shyla, a girl-next-door who does it all with the greatest of ease.

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