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    Selexia Rae

    J Mac delivers a package to his neighbor Selexia Rae. Nice neighbor! Selexia thanks him and closes the door, leaving him standing outside. But that won't stop him. Now that he's seen Selexia in her skin-tight dress, he's too horny to leave. He sneaks around to a window and watches her. Selexia begins masturbating and when she sees him, she walks over to the window. In a peepshow-style moment, Selexia presses her nipples against the glass which J Mac licks. Selexia sees J Mac's cock sticking out of his pants and invites him in to fuck. She strokes his cock and gets into a kneeling stance, blowing him with her pierced tongue, sucking the balls and licking every inch, her head guided by his hand. She lays on the couch, waiting to be feed more man-sausage. It's his pleasure to provide it down her throat. Her pussy needs attention too. He hammers her in missionary, side-saddle and doggie. They switch to a "lap dance" fuck, Selexia sitting on his lap. He even fucks her standing up. For Selexia's desert, J Mac positions Selexia in a kneeling pose and furiously beats off on her. Her tits are splattered as he busts his nut all over them. It pays to be a good neighbor because sometimes your reward can be substantial if you live next door to the right lady.




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