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    Sabrina Linn

    Sabrina Linn is one of the sweetest and most formally polite girls of the newer SCORE Girls. She even calls editor Dave "sir." "I was born and raised on a farm in Texas. I have big breasts, blonde hair, blue eyes. I think that's it," says Sabrina who sounds like the actress Melanie Griffith. Sabrina is a dreamgirl for guys who like nipple and pussy jewelry on huge breasted gals.

    With her bod, guys often follow her around. "But usually they just say hello and I just say hello and they go about their way. I'm really friendly. That's part of my good girl ability, that I'm very nice." For someone who had never modeled before she visited SCORE, the Texas blonde is hotter and wilder than many longtime porn stars. What does Sabrina plan for the future now that she's been a SCORE model for a year and fucked in four videos, three of them with anal sex? Will she continue or will she switch gears and try something else, having sown her wild oats? Sabrina will keep us abreast about her plans for 2013.




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