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    Sabrina Linn

    "I am as intelligent as I am sexy so don't let my looks fool you," Sabrina Linn wrote in her resume. "I have chosen such a career out of passion and a natural desire at age 38 not because I had to but because I wanted to. I only do what makes me happy, and I enjoy." Sabrina has an unbridled sex drive, as she has shown several times in some buckin' wild-ass scenes, and she listens to herself, not to what others have to say about how she should look or how she should live her life. She loves cock and she loves toys also. "I am a toy junkie and try to masturbate daily to porn when I wake up to very sexy thoughts. My favorite vibrator on my clit always satisfies me either when I am alone or when I am with my lover." Watch as Sabrina fucks her pussy with a giant cock-toy and fills her ass with a butt plug. Always happy and upbeat in the SCORE studio, Sabrina is also a SCORE supporter and goes the whole nine yards as a SCORE cheerleader to the world at large which we always appreciate. "I've been to numerous strip clubs and had the pleasure to meet many feature dancers while attending their performances. I've got lots of autographed magazines and Polaroid pictures with performers I've met. I'm really impressed with Sabrina Linn!" writes R.J. "I love pierced nipples."




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