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Lorna Morgan
Lorna Morgan's skin is so fresh-looking and peachy. It's perfect. On her site, Lorna answers the subject of tattoos, which more and more models seem to have these days. "Most people I know who tattoo and pierce themselves do it for very personal reasons. They might get a sexual buzz from it or like the image it gives them. I don't get any sexual buzz from looking at those things and I don't dislike them either. I know that my tastes change all the time and even now I look at some things differently than I did a few months ago. I couldn't permanently mark my body because I might like it today but I run the risk of hating it tomorrow. I don't see the point in putting myself in that situation. I can get a henna tattoo and there are lots of pretty ones. I can get a fake belly button jewel etc. I won't think I will ever go down that permanent road. It's simply not me!" Lorna Morgan, practical and beautiful.
More big tit photos of Lorna Morgan available to download in zip format

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