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Emilia Boshe aka Sexy Mega Boobs

Emilia Boshe
Emilia Boshe
Emilia Boshe
Emilia Boshe
Emilia Boshe
Emilia Boshe
Emilia Boshe
Emilia Boshe
Emilia Boshe
Emilia Boshe
Emilia Boshe

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Emilia Boshe
Here's a real-life fantasy girl in a fantasy setting. Emilia Boshe as a dairy maid at a farm. The strapping blonde enters the barn area swinging her jugs, stopping to enjoy her big, full tits and pussy. Farm livin' is the life.

"I really do not have any fetishes," admits Emilia, a straightforward woman. "But I have had fantasies of going to a swingers' club. I have not done this."

Emilia knows what kind of men she wants to spend time with.

"I like a guy who is charming and knows how to treat women. I do not want to speak to guys who are rude and impatient. And what I like to look at when I see a man is his nice, round ass."

A milk maid fantasy is tailor-made for Emilia Boshe. Farm living is the life when a jug-bearer like Emilia is there to take on the chores while you enjoy the sight of her dangling big boobs, a pair of the biggest, most succulent tits in Germany. She's worth waking up for at 5 o'clock in the morning!

"My breasts are so big and heavy that the only time I don't wear a bra is when I am sleeping," said Emilia.

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