Ashley Sage Ellison

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Ashley Sage Ellison

Ashley enjoys modeling and showing her amazing ta-ta's, super-curvy body, huge J-cup hooters and sweet face but she's also very shy in talking about sex.
"I like to wear corsets when I go out, really short puffed-out skirts, sort of like a tutu, and some really big heels," says Ashley. She enjoys her huge breasts. I'm grateful for the attention. It used to strike me as weird when people would ask to take pictures when I was out and about. Now I actually think it's sort of neat. I get noticed a lot when I go out, and I know my boobs have a lot to do with that." And we're grateful Ashley appreciates her assets.
"People ask me to take pictures with them when they see me," says Ashley. "I'll go out and get stared at all night. But I like that. I like to dress up when I go out. One of the good things about having big breasts is that you get noticed. So you feel like a celebrity sometimes. Guys at clubs are always taking out their cell phone cameras. I have a nice bum too but guys are more interested in my tits."

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