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    Anna Loren

    "I used to work at a porn store, and that's where I saw SCORE magazine," said beautiful Anna. "Do you know how many men walked into that place and told me, 'Wow! Those are big!' That was the line I got most often. I think I was a big attraction in that store!" Girls who work in porn shops are an interesting group. They learn things about people that employees of ordinary stores would never find out. For example, when buying toys, women like the most powerful ones they can get their hands on and women of all ages and appearances buy vibrators. Women tend to patronize a store in the afternoon and in groups while guys go after work or at night. Anna would wear a hoodie to keep her babies under cover. "Sometimes, working in the porn store got me pretty horny and I'd have the urge to show off." Imagine Anna wearing this little number behind the counter. Customers would have bought out the entire inventory.




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