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    Alex Chance

    Girl-next-door Alex Chance is making out with her boyfriend in her bedroom and things are just about to escalate, starting with a finger-poke, when her father knocks on the door. Panic-stricken, she makes her booty call hide under the bed and hurriedly throws on a top, then gets under the covers. Her father enters. He and her mother are going to the movies. Kissing her on the cheek, he departs. She checks to make sure they're gone and when she sees their car take off, she has Mr. boyfriend emerge from the floor and resume his moves on her. She can't wait to get fucked and he can't wait to shove it in. Please meet and greet a new Voluptuous Girl, starting off her debut at SCORELAND and SCOREVideos with a bang. Alex is a 22 year-old bartender who saw our ad for big-boobed models on BeASCOREModel.com. After thinking about it for a bit, she checked us out, asked a few questions and then arranged her schedule. Alex likes reading and spending a day at the beach when she's not at work pouring drinks. "I like to dress sexy because I like the attention," Alex says. "That's why I decided to try this. I only wear a bra when I have to because my boobs are so perky. Guys like busty bartenders, don't they?" Absolutely, Alex. She must get hit on from all sides being a bartender; a lot of guys would like to tap her kegs, no doubt. What's the wackiest pick-up line she's every gotten at work? "A guy handed me a sugar packet and said, 'You dropped your name tag.' His name and phone number were written on it." That's actually not a bad one at all, Alex. Next up: video time for "Taking A Chance For Big Tits" in Voluptuous Theater.




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